Red Graphic Interactive Agency

Online does not exist anymore

For people and brands alike,
life cannot be separated
into online and offline.

Marketing people got used to describing what we do as online strategy, or digital marketing platform, or online promotion. The truth is that interactivity and two-way communication with people and brands is in our blood. It is based on conversation, reaction and ... more conversation! We call it interactive communication.

We started doing it twenty one years ago, in 1992, when we knew nothing about programming languages and we created our first logos. We continued doing it in 1998, when we created our first website designs. We kept doing it in 2001, when developing web-based solutions to optimize business processes. We were also doing it in 2006, when we focused on online advertising strategies. And that is what we are still doing today: we talk to people and brands helping them to find, hear, and understand each other.

Technically speaking, we work with digital media and help our clients to integrate their strategy online, engage the audience, and stay ahead of the competition.


For a successful company, it is not enough to appear on the Internet and to digitalize its marketing strategy. To exceed customer expectations, a company needs to understand how each area of its business should respond to the changes in public behavior. To benefit from interactive communities, a company should know how to create its brand values and convey them via digital media. We help our clients in their strategic planning. We assist our customers in finding the most profitable ways to benefit from their business potential.

Internet Marketing Audit

Development and Optimization of Digital Platform

Promotion Plan Development

We examine marketing goals and develop objectives for internet marketing. We analyze the current activities of the company and those of its competitors. We identify present-day trends in digital advertising of similar products or within a specific industry. We also define the criteria to measure online marketing performance.

We identify the communication channels and the formats we plan to use for each channel.

We develop a precise and realistic schedule for work with digital media.


An advertising campaign may easily become a wonderwork in case the right strategy is chosen. Today, strategies vary dramatically in scope, detail, and ambition. We can develop a mobile game to launch a viral video. Or we can hold an event to receive a specific content for an online project. Or we can create a non-brand community to attract the audience to a product website.

Strategy Development

Creation of Promotional Materials

Campaign Support

Efficiency Analysis

How do we talk to people? Where do we find them and what do we tell them? What do we want them to do? Shall we launch a special project in social media or create an outstanding video? Shall we involve contextual advertising or professionals in brand reputation management? Shall we establish partner relations with online shops or shall we rent a club?

We create all the promotional materials you need for a successful campaign: promo-sites, banners, applications, games.

Regardless of the campaign duration, we involve editors, moderators, content managers, and keep an eye on the campaign.

We measure efficiency using multiple parameters, including the number of contacts, coverage volume and quality, keynote reviews, and involvement of so-called “parrot repeaters”. The fact that we calculate and measure efficiency at the control points allows us to optimize the course of a campaign or the entire strategy.


We started as a web design company. We know that the devil is in the detail and that details are extremely important when developing a website. We create solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We do not adjust objectives of our customers to ready-made patterns of implementation. In addition, we are quality maniacs. Unfortunately, our dedication to excellence doesn’t help us to ensure the lowest costs and shortest deadlines.

Development of Solution Concept

Website Prototyping

Website Development

Website Maintenance and Optimization

What are the users looking for on our website and where do they come from? What information do they expect to find and what information do we want to share? Shall we encourage users to stay longer, come back or provide us with their contact details?

What should we undertake to ensure a desired user action? When developing a website structure, we think over every page, every service, and every button and create a prototype if necessary. If we have any doubts we conduct testing. Only after we are completely confident in the result we will generate a requirements specification.

It all started with a word… A designer cannot start his or her work until they understand the vision of the project. That’s why we always start with working on the text and several options of the future concept. Only afterwards we proceed with design, coding, programming and whatever else we might need for the project: videos, photo shoots, 3D modeling, creating original illustrations, etc. We love writing texts for our projects, this way we are making sure that it is search engines and not just people who will know about our work. Naturally, we finish the website development with comprehensive testing.

We don’t like to say goodbye to our projects mainly because we know that when the development is over it is just the beginning. It is necessary to customize statistical reports and to identify the best possible means to increase the conversion. We would rather rewrite some texts for the website and add some services. We will continually work to improve the website’s performance and discover the best possible ways to enhance its efficiency. By this stage, we will have all the necessary data and figures to make the decisions on the website optimization.


Our management team didn’t hold a special meeting one day to decide that we would start creating mobile applications, HTML 5 layouts or project pages in social networks. We just did it when we considered it to be the best solution for our client. Yes, we are a customer-oriented agency. Yes, we are a team of professionals dedicated to the success of our clients. And yes, we can do anything that may be required for an efficient campaign. Generally, you would need CONTENT for that, a lot of content: video, audio, stories, games, etc.

  • Copywriting

  • Mobile Applications

  • Special Projects

  • Communities Engagement

  • Video Filming and Production

  • Animation and Modeling

  • Photo Shoots

Is there anything else not listed here?
Most likely,
we can do it.

from start