3 December 2021
24 June 2019
11 January 2019
5 January 2018
19 October 2015

Leaders of the Digital Breakthrough 2015 chart

Red Graphic is in the top-10 of Russia’s fastest-growing agencies

1 June 2015

Galleria Minsk Invites Tenants Via The Web

Style, space and convenience. All the advantages of the shopping and entertainment center at the new website

7 May 2015

“From Ideas To Solutions”. ADANI’s new website

A digital platform for unique science-based solutions and products manufacturer

4 May 2015

SV MASCHINEN. In A Competent And Reliable Way

Agricultural machinery and production equipment at a new image-building catalogue website

22 April 2015

Gold in the Rating of Developers

Red Graphic Interactive Agency wins gold in two categories

9 April 2015

Logotype for Zorka.mobi

The work was done and accepted in the blink of an eye, as it’s dangerous to have a different approach in this market. See the result

23 March 2015

Redesigning the Kyky.org portal

Website Kyky.org was relaunched with a new design on March 23. Now everything is different at the website: the publications layout, typography and visual design principles

23 January 2015

Launching a website for Vizor Interactive

We created a corporate website for those who created the best game on Facebook

19 January 2015

Launching a promo game for Dobry brand

The brand launched the “Keep your loved ones warm with care!” game on January 19. And we created a promo website for it

16 December 2014

Coffee With Me website launch

Join us for a coffee! We launched our own project dedicated to New Year, so that anyone could afford a couple of minutes for coffee in good company

15 December 2014

A promo website for ILE DE BEAUTE perfumery brand was right on time for New Year

“Ocean of Gifts at ILE DE BEAUTE”. We adapted the promo website for New Year animation

5 December 2014

It’s time for wonders: we launched Alivaria’s promo website

“Carol singing in the Social Networks”. We launched a promo website for “Alivaria Kolyadnoye” Christmas beer

1 December 2014

Welcome to Quaker brand promo website

“So Much Fruit in Every Spoon”. We created a berry-style promo website for Quaker premium yoghurts

12 November 2014

Redesign Of marketing.by

Redesign and structural changes of marketing.by, a professional online resource on marketing and advertising

8 October 2014

A new website for Baykov and Ostapets business coaches

Are you tired of your job? Try to look at it differently! We developed a website for business coaches

26 September 2014

A new promo website for Coca-Cola has appeared

Would you like to know how popular your name is in Belarus? It’s easy! Coca-Сola has launched a new promo website with a names ratin

18 September 2014

Now Wargaming attacks via email

Military style flier templates. We developed the materials for Wargaming’s advertising campaign

16 April 2014

A new Coca-Cola’s advertising game has started

“Everything Will Be Hockey!” In anticipation of the 2014 World Hockey Championship we launched a promo website and raffled off 150,000 prizes

15 April 2014

Visit the new ITLV website

Cook together with your family! We have created a very delicious website with very delicious recipes

4 April 2014

A competition at the Aqua Maris Institute has come to an end

“Best Job in Russia”. We helped to hold a competition to celebrate the sale of the one hundred millionth pack of Aqua Maris spray for treating rhinitis

18 March 2014

OASIS has got a new website

Modern, user-friendly and informative. This is what the OASIS website we developed is like

7 February 2014

Adaptive Site For SaM Solutions

We have completed the corporate website for the IT company

16 January 2014

We launched a website for Popitas brand

Turn your apartment into a home theater! Today we have launched a website at which anyone can create original movie posters

23 December 2013

A new social program from NIVEA has started

"Vote for Your Rink!" NIVEA gives a “NEW LIFE” chance to every rink in every neighborhood of the country! And we made a promo website for the program so that everyone would have an opportunity to use this chance

21 November 2013

Start a new life with a new website for Kefirny brand

We launched a promo website for Kefirny, a product by Domik v Derevne, as well as a tool for those who want to change their lives for the better

18 November 2013

Welcome to Folacin website

A medication for moms-to-be. We delivered a promo website and a brochure for the medication that is included in the WHO list of life saving drugs

1 October 2013

Tell Red Graphic application has appeared in Google Play

To be Red Graphic’s customer is easier now. We have developed an application that enables you to share emotions over a distance

15 August 2013

A new version of NIVEA MEN website

“NIVEA MEN – The Day Starts With You”. We have updated the NIVEA MEN (Russia) website and filled it with very useful “Care Tips” for men

1 August 2013

Sprite Speaks About Street Culture

Becoming inspired, learning new things and discovering yourself are now easier than ever

31 July 2013

The Rinomaris website launch

A new generation vasoconstrictor. In order to present an all-new product in the Russian market for medications, we created its website

1 July 2013

A New Website For Moboil

A three-page online business card for MOBOIL, a leading Russian oil trader

13 May 2013

Metall Profil: A New Catalogue And A New Site Design

The site for a leading maker of sheet roofing and wall materials in Russia and the CIS, and Russia’s largest producer of ventilated facades and sandwich panels

2 May 2013

A new competition for Veseliy Molochnik

“Moustache Mood”. We developed a service with a photo competition for Wimm-Bill-Dann in order to involve even more users into the interaction with the brand