Red Graphic Agency Uses Our Marketing Expertise to Help Belarusian and Global Small Businesses

Here at Red Graphic Agency, we’re known for our marketing expertise. Whether it’s online strategy, digital platform, internet promotion, or something else, our small but dedicated team are leading experts in the field with years of experience. Interactivity and communication run in our veins as we create interactive communication for our clients.

We’re incredibly proud to be based in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. We’ve been here since our founding in 1992, and we’ve seen a lot since then. We’ve seen the economic calamities of the 1990 and the booming years of the 2000s and 2010s. Throughout it all we have one goal in mind — how can we help our clients? We focus on midmarket and big business clients, but our special focus is on our midmarket businesses today.

In April 2020, Belarus, likewise the whole world, experienced the Covid-19 pandemic and the growing economic crisis. All businesses suffered: large ones froze or decreased their activities, medium and small switched to digital.

Businesses needed emergency online help: some of them needed advice on launching social networks, expert opinion on design, and the other — adjustments to their digital strategies. Therefore, together with our media partners at, we launched a free project - an emergency digital aid for businesses in crisis. Over the course of a month, we gave digital tips and advice to a number of various businesses in Belarus.

The next step was to make a newsletter for the IPM business school. We wrote 3 articles on how to check the health of a business online, compiled a checklist and recommendations for self-checking and quick solutions.

The coronacrisis brought a lot of problems to the Belarusian business and we used our best expertise and skills to help with our expertise in digital.

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We’re incredibly grateful to our many satisfied clients and all businesses! If you want to join the ranks of our happy customers, please contact us today!