SMM, apps

We help a brand take advantage of users’ opinions and respond to them. We show how a brand can realize its philosophy in its everyday activities to bring home its key message and to receive feedback from its core audience.
We develop strategies for working with social networks, including the overall style of communication, methods to integrate brand values and involve the audience, and activities. We apply methods to gauge effectiveness. We maintain pages of brands on social networks, analyze interim results, and adjust strategies during the course of the work. In addition, we develop advertising campaigns on social networks. We prepare visual and textual materials for advertisements and monitor the campaign, all while making adjustments to targets whenever necessary.
If you plan on maintaining your own accounts on social networks, we will develop a strategy for you to effectively promote your brand, and train your specialist to work with your audience on the network that you are planning to make your central communication platform. We will also help you identify the most profitable formats and platforms for social media marketing.
Applications can be developed as separate projects or as part of the SMM support strategy for a brand.