content strategies

A content strategy is developed to answer when, where and why you will interact with your audience.
The service package for creating a content-marketing system incorporates several phases:
  • Preliminary audit of your company’s online communications. We will analyze how your brand communicates with its audience in the digital environment, and what it has to say. We will evaluate the effectiveness of such communication. We will make a detailed analysis of your core online audience and probe into the activities of your main content competitors. As a result, you will receive a text with the findings of the audit, including a perceptual map of the brand in the market and our main recommendations for how to effectively communicate with your audience.
  • Setting targets. We will define the key indicators required to make quantitative measurements of the effectiveness of the selected communication strategy.
  • Making the content map of the brand. A content map is a matrix of the mission, expert knowledge and main values of the company as expressed in specific topics and texts. To make a content map, we will hold an interview to specify the area in which your company can act as an expert. We will also identify the professional competences of your personnel that may come in handy for image creation. What you receive is a set of recommendations on how to use various styles and genres of communication, as well as linguistic and behavioral standards of communication.
  • Development of a communication strategy in accordance with the company’s marketing objectives, the findings of the audit, and the content map. During this phase, we determine where, how and why your brand will communicate with its target audience. We will describe the principles of using channels and formats relevant to the interests of the audience, and the objectives for each channel.
  • Development of tools to implement the strategy for each communication channel. We create a detailed thematic plan of publications (a monthly plan and a reserve plan for 12 months). If necessary, we provide for cross-platform activities, including those that are competitive.
  • Post-audit of achieved results, split into phases (monthly, yearly). During this stage, we analyze the effectiveness of the work in various channels, calculate the return on investments (where necessary), and adjust the content-marketing objectives. We develop a relevant action plan for the next phase.
When you order this package of services, you receive a single toolkit to achieve all of your online goals and objectives.
To implement the content strategy, we offer you a variety of content-marketing tools. Each of these can be used independently or in combination with other tools, depending upon the assigned tasks and declared objectives.