To develop a game for mobile phones with the sole purpose of launching a viral video. To hold an event to gather content for an online project. To create an unbranded community to draw an audience for a product website. Ad strategies are getting fancier and craftier.
We answer so many questions… How do we talk to people? Where do we find people, and what do we tell them? What do we want them to do? Will we have a special project for social networks or shoot a video? Will we add contextual ads or provide brand-reputation management? Will we launch a partnership program with online stores or rent a club?
We begin with understanding the strategy of the ad campaign. We come up with creative ideas and develop all of the materials that will be required for the idea to breathe, come to life, and start attracting audiences to the project and buyers to the customer. We fastidiously monitor the course of the campaign, because by working with digital we can always make minor adjustments to dramatically improve the results. The bottom line is that the results of the campaign are measured by statistical methods, or — much better — by employing business figures that are actionable by the customer.