digital marketing audit

We look at a brand and we embrace it. We take it apart and then reassemble it, but we do it online. We create its life, its activities and hobbies, its rules and accents, in an environment where the brand has no other option but to communicate with its audience, which can be not only loyal, but also harsh and uncompromising, or even thick-headed and sniggering. Every day we share our online lives with those people to learn what is chic and what is cheesy, what is outdated and what is hot. We find the very thing for which they will love our brand.
We study the marketing targets of the brand, and based upon them, we formulate digital marketing objectives. We are guided by these objectives. The more precisely the general strategy of the brand is formulated, the easier and faster this phase of the audit is completed.
State-of-the-art approaches to communication, unconventional tools, and the most exciting and vivid campaigns — trend analysis helps us to identify benchmarks, and to build and evaluate our own campaigns against the best in the industry.
We analyze the current brand activities — the results of campaigns, conversion rates, the use of applications, or the effectiveness of group activities on social media. And we adopt criteria that we will be using to understand whether everything’s fine, whether we are moving in the right direction, and whether there’s a shorter path to our goal, or a way that requires less effort, is less nerve racking, or cheaper. The audit process normally takes two weeks or more and incorporates detailed reports concerning the position of the brand in the digital community as compared to its peers, thorough analyses of the toolkit, and a list of performance-evaluation criteria.