To "approach" the Internet and "digitize" marketing — this won’t be enough for a successful company. To comprehend how each tiny fraction of business should respond to the slightest changes in people’s behavior; how each value of a brand should be shaped and communicated by digital media —that’s where we step in to help our customers. The most effective way to work is to have a strategic session with those who make decisions on how the brand will evolve — the marketing director or the business owners.
When we start our work, it is crucial that we receive the basic information concerning any efforts to promote the brand, and the main marketing targets. We do our homework thoroughly, analyzing the market and auditing the digital marketing of the brand and its competitors, as well as the provisional version of the strategy with communication channels and formats. We finalize and formulate the strategy at the session, building upon the information that we receive from the brand owners, develop a communication platform, and then work out a detailed promotional plan.
It normally takes us up to four weeks to develop a strategy. The result with which we normally end is this: we have clear goals and objectives for digital promotion, a list of priority parameters that we will be using to evaluate performance, and a promotion plan for six to 12 months.