4 kvartal

Let us tell you a story about our third project meeting. We had already «sold ourselves» the architects knew who we were, and we had already synchronized our terminology and project structure understanding. Then we were explaining our vision of the design. We suggested visualizing the space of the «4 kvartal» and showing each of the architects in this environment.

The answer was «Bull’s eye!». We were so happy to hear it) But then it got more complicated. The customers placed an order with us hoping to get a finished product, but we suggested extended participation in a kind of a game. The customer would have to do a huge amount of work:

to create and design the virtual «4 kvartal» — a natural environment of the design studio into which the architects would fit perfectly while remaining individuals with their own styles, but a common view of beauty and design at the same time.

The meeting was followed by weeks of hard work by the customer’s team. Andrey Tumas and Vadim Grinevich created a model environment, Sergey Pilipovich took photos of the architects, and we combined and edited all materials and images.
When we look at the project today, we see that we really hit the bull’s eye back then. In cooperation with the customer, we managed to show the union of four architects that joined their forces and created the most powerful design studio in the country 10 years ago. The homepage features the presentations of the architects, their works, biographies, and thoughts.
If a visitor goes deeper, he or she will be able to find large galleries with breakdown by types of services, to learn about the work process of the studio and its stages, and to see a detailed working plan. To place an offer, a customer has to fill in a questionnaire or just to leave his or her phone number for the studio to call back.


project management Katya Nevinskaya, Dasha Vasilyeva

design concept by Zakhar Shlimakov

design by Oleg Labunsky

development by Arkady Kaufman

layout by Nikolay Saranyuk

video by Yury Dobrov

technical director Sasha Yakovlev