Callirius, an early-stage startup. A marketplace for ecological assets, helping companies to reach carbon neutrality


Design a presentation template and a website


presentation template → website design


Develop a solution matching the existing brand identity


Callirius case grew from our partnership with Flury & Partner VC. They’ve come to us to design a presentation template and make their pitch cristal clear and aesthetic.

As a result we naturally switched to discussing yet another project — a website. We’ve decided to hold on to the same concept we used for a template: a lot of space alongside with the existing brand colours to underline the product's natural essence.

We had a logo, fonts, colour palette and graphic usage on our hands.

Got the vibe and in a few weeks had a result perfectly matching the client’s vision. Totally enjoyed the experience.


Account Director:
Nadya Zelenkova

Account Director:
Lena Semenova

Project Manager:
Katya Kovaliova

Art Director:
Slava Lysenko

Layout Designer
Ira Znosok

Sasha Sheresheva

Technical Director:
Oleg Matveenko