“Dobry”. Promo website within the promotional campaign


Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus, “Dobry” brand.


To develop a promo website within the framework of “Keep your loved ones warm with care!” promotional campaign.


Design, engineering, HTML-coding, programming, configuring the analytical processing system.


To buy a packet of “Dobry” juice, to open it and to find a unique code under the cap. To visit the promo website (or to take a mobile phone). To enter the code (or to send an SMS), to get a participant number and to wait for the next drawing. That’s it! The rules of the “Dobry” brand’s promotional game are that simple. In January 2015 we launched the promo website where anyone could register a unique code. The website also featured information about prizes, the rules for participating in the game, and after drawings – about the winners.
Technical assistance was provided by us jointly with I-Free company (Russia) which was responsible for code verification using its servers. In our turn, we developed an interface for transferring these codes to I-Free servers.

Project team

design by Nadya Makeeva

HTML-coding by Vanya Pasechny

programming by Zhenya Golubev

technical director Sasha Yakovlev

managers Nastya Nazarova, Tanya Rogovskaya