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Design Industry Report on the voice advertising market


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Ads that hear

Instreamatic creates a world where people can talk to brands.

Together with experts in the field of voice advertising and marketing, the Instreamatic team conducted a large market research, and we designed it.

Interactive advertising is what transforms the industry today, highly increasing the level of engagement and loyalty. Instreamatic is a Silicon Valley startup and a voice marketing ecosystem front-runner.

Instreamatic projects

Voice Ads

Spoken dialogue between brands and consumers on popular apps. Addressable, AI-powered ad format with progressive messaging and insights into purchase intent.

Voice Feedback

Engaging format to receive instant customer feedback and get actionable insights. Instreamatic Voice AI platform collects relevant data points and sentiment from voice responses, and presents them in a clear report on near-term improvements and long-term preferences.

Conversational Video Ads

Dialogue-based video ads that enable a conversation between brands and consumers on smart TVs and popular mobile apps. These ads are ideal for content environments that are visual and would best be served with a video ad.

Voice Surveys

Real-time AI-powered voice surveys delivered on popular audio streaming apps that help to connect with consumers on-the-go and get invaluable instant results and dashboard reporting.

How Industry Report Flew Across The Ocean

We also helped with logistics. We managed to prepare the final design for printing in a short time, negotiated with a printing office in Europe and delivered 100 copies of the report across the ocean.

And in the 2021 autumn, Industry Report was presented at Advertising Week in New York.


Account Director:
Nadia Zelenkova

Art Director:
Slava Lysenko

Sasha Sheresheva