Key Visuals For The Borges Brand


LLC ITLV, Borges brand, an expert on Mediterranean cuisine.


To develop a visual concept for the Borges brand. To prepare the adaptation of Key Visuals for various carriers and channels (banners, website, magazine layout).


Creative idea, design, copyrighting, slogan development, photo shoot.


Our customer had an important marketing objective — to make its way into the “high quality durum wheat pasta” market niche building on the reputation and fame that the Borges brand already achieved in the market for olive oil.
We developed four Key Visuals Borges creative concepts that convey the key idea for the positioning of the brand: “Borges is an expert on Mediterranean cuisine that offers you the best of this cuisine.” The customer chose the concept “The basis for delicious recipes.”
When working on the concept we focused on a situation when pasta is consumed and showed that pasta is used for many delicious healthy dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. This approach enabled us to visualize the unique cooking expertise of the brand and emphasize the Italian origin of the product. The slogan — “Borges. The basis for delicious dishes” — supported the creative concept by communicating the high quality of Borges pasta.
After the creative concept was approved we prepared a graphical layout of the Key Visuals and arranged a photo shoot. “When shooting we focused on the arrangement of the products for each shot just as the food designer wanted it, the way it was outlined in the original layout. We worked for a long time… And then we had terrific meals,” says Project Manager Marina Biryukova.
We also prepared a step-by-step description and illustrations of recipes for the Borges website (Russia) and all of the additional promotional materials — banners and layouts for the media.

Creative Team

illustrations by Nadya Makeyeva

design by Ira Znosok, Arseny Chubich

Art Director — Ira Znosok

copywriting by Katya Nevinskaya, Olya Myslivchik

Customer Manager — Marina Biryukova

Project Manager — Ira Mendel, Tanya Nareyko