KFC TikTok


KFC Belarus


Grow TikTok community from scratch


strategy → video production → design → media planning


And just like that we’ve made TikTok with crispy crust.


1st ingredient ー Trends

There should be no distance between us and the audience like between chicken wings in the bucket. Therefore we got to know what they are into. Spoiler: trends.

We had to deep dive into the TikTok world with eyes wide open. To find the ones from thousands of trends and use them wisely. Yet another spoiler ー we did it.

2nd ingredient ー Community

TikTok video recipe: a crispy trend and a juicy insight. Plus a bit of spices aka real emotions on top. And here we’ve figured out that no one can show more passion for KFC than its clients and employees. That’s how we’ve found the ambassadors.

These are real KFC fans, many can distinguish original breading from the spicy one just by looking at it. There are influencers among them who worship TikTok like the stripes sauce. For example, Polina and Arseniy - influencers who became important members of our community.

3rd ingredient ー Involvement

TikTok trends were not enough and we came up with our own. That’s how «5 for 5» showed up ー a trend with crispy breading for KFC's new promo.

Our video with a memorable track got almost 2 million views. It also pushed fried chicken lovers to create UGC content.

It's been 9 months

the community was born.


Account Director:
Lena Semenova

SMM Manager:
Yana Stasevich

Nikita Nareyko

Creative Director:
Alisa Skomarovskaya

Alexandra Sheresheva