Calendar Of The Epoch Media Service


Television and Radio Broadcasting Organization of the Union State (TRO). A public information and journalism television channel.

Launch year



To create a service to watch history videos celebrating specific historic landmarks.


To increase users’ interest in historical events.


Concept development, design, HTML coding, programming.


Welcome to the past! Turn the knobs on your radio, choose a date, and watch vintage videos.
Black and white videos — when you are in the right mood. Or if you want to learn something new. A story of Vera Mukhina and report from the opening of Moscow Metro; the coverage of the first TU-114 flight, football in a null-gravity condition, and the first salvo by Katyusha. Our search will let you find the information you need fast and easily, and comments will help you learn what Facebook users think about the video. You can also share your insights and feedback. You are welcome to your smartphone to watch these videos. Open the “Calendar of the Epoch” when you decide to go to the past.

Creatime Team

design by Sasha Smorodsky

artwork by Ilya Dovnar

HTML coding by Sasha Poganko

programming by Dima Budnitsky

Technical Director — Oleg Gubin

Project Manager — Lyosha Makushkin