Business card website for MOBOIL


MOBOIL, a commercial manufacturing enterprise and a leading Russian oil trading company.

Project type

Business card website.


To create a handy tool for communication with potential clients and partners. To develop a company logo.


We developed a three-page business card website. The web resource makes it easy to obtain information about the company and enables a MOBOIL representative to provide a prompt feedback.
The website’s content is concise. When describing MOBOIL competitive advantages, we presented the information in a thesis style. Thus, we hope to save time of the website’s visitors, including potential customers who may study the information when looking for an oil trading partner.
The MOBOIL’s respect to its potential partners and their working time comes through the structure of the resource as well. We also added a navigation element that provides a quick jump to all information blocks of the website.
The blocks of particular importance, namely those describing the company's competitive advantages, are graphically highlighted in the text.
The website is designed in strict adherence to the brand’s colors.


Simultaneously, we developed a new company logo. The logo is created in light of the main message: "We are a large-scale, steadily growing company you can trust." Primarily, the logo communicates to the executives of MOBOIL partners.
The graphical solution of the logo is based on the initial letter of the company name. The new logo is a symbolic interpretation of the #1 concept and reflects the MOBOIL’s continuous development and commitment to leadership. A balanced composition emphasizes reliability of the company.

Creative Team

engineering Ivan Konevega

design Ilya Dovnar

Art Director Ira Znosok

copywriting Katya Nevinskaya

layout Igor Morozov

programming Dima Budnitskiy

Technical Director Zhenia Golubev

Project Manager Ira Mendel