New website for Lidskoe Pivo brewery


JSC «Lidskoe Pivo» is a legendary Belarusian enterprise brewing LIDSKAE, Koronet, Warsteiner, Sandels, Master’s Collection, Fizz cider, Belarus’s most popular kvass Lidski, and producing Pepsi brand beverages.


To devise a new Lidskae website. To script, make, edit, draw, impose, program — implement.


Concept. Design. Visual material: photos, illustrations. Texts in Belarusian and Russian. Programming. Layout. Testing.


The exciting history of the Lida plant was the key to the idea of the website. In brief. 1876, Nosel Pupko begins to brew beer in Lida. At the turn of the century, the local startup grows into a firm that is rewarded at fashionable European exhibitions. Nosel’s sons come to the company. Soon Lida becomes the largest beer brewery in Belarus. Minsk didn’t even come close.

And then. World War I and first non-alcohol experience, kvass for Red Army soldiers, tough times of Polish occupation, Nazis in the city, partisans on the line, English spies on a Soviet banquet with the roar of secret aircrafts, and Lidskoe beer — a prominent Soviet brand...

We have discovered a non-fiction adventure story. The main characters are Jewish Lida and Soviet Lida brewers. A success story in the context of the Great History.

The website’s home page is an extended historical timeline panorama. We decided to read the «historical background» metaphor literally. Artist Lesha Limonov (a resident of Lida) drew a «long» city. Years go by — the landscape is changing, modern characters are acting on it. A visitor can move linearly. Go from artifact to artifact, from character to character, from era to era. Or this visitor can dive from the home page into the «History» and study storylines, jokes, events, and figures in details.

We shook off dust from museum antiquities: beer bottles, labels, old photographs, schemes and layouts, medals and logos. We talked to historians, read manuscripts and PDFs, made inquiries. As a result, the sections «Beer archive» and «Awards» were added to the big «History». The former collects stories and pictures about the sorts of beer that the factory has put on the shelf. The latter is a record of victories and honor marks at competitions.

There are two sections that are telling the tale of the enterprise’s modern busy life. The #Lidskae section describes everything related to the city of Lida, everything local and material. The «Projects» section deals with holidays, festivals, competitions, and other events initiated by the brewery. The «Beer and drinks» section turned into a detailed guide to all beers, kvasses, and other beverages. Each product received a personal case and a new photo. All is done in one style.

«The previous version of the website was opened in 2011. Since then it has become obsolete and couldn’t cope with all the tasks assigned to it anymore. Now the website has both updated user experience and a new domain, with immediate addition of the Belarusian version. These changes are very important for us. The domain name and the website in the Belarusian language emphasize the roots of the company and refer to the flagship beer brand «LIDSKAE».

Some of the products of JSC «Lidskoe Pivo» — LIDSKAE beer and crafted Master’s Collection — already «communicate» with consumers in Belarusian. The new website will develop our corporate social mission to expand the use of the Belarusian language in the company and beyond," says Irina Kapilova, Lidskoe Pivo Company’s Marketing Director.

An instrumental task: using the website you can book an excursion by filling out a short questionnaire. Or you can leave a resume and tell about yourself if you want to work with the legendary Belarusian beer brand.
In social networks people write: «Excellent product, great advertising, wonderful work made by the pros» and «Nice website! Lidskae is the best! Good luck!» Cheers, folks.


Marketing Director, JSC “Lidskoe Pivo”
Irina Kapilova

Corporate Communications Manager, JSC “Lidskoe Pivo”
Natalia  Efimkina

Corporate Communications Specialist, JSC “Lidskoe Pivo”
Nadezhda  Nikolaeva

Director, Red Graphic
Nadya  Zelenkova

Customer Relations Director, Red Graphic
Tanya  Rogovskaya

Art Director, Red Graphic
Zakhar  Shlimakov

Creative Director, Red Graphic
Denis  Klevitsky

Sasha  Yakovlev

Sergey  Gridyushko

Lyosha  Limonov

Yan  Karpov

Technical Director, Red Graphic
Alexey  Rusetsky

Zhenya  Golubev

Ivan  Pasechny

Detailed historical consultations
Valery Slivkin