Tell Red Graphic Application


To facilitate customer communication and to increase its efficiency.


concept development → website design → prototyping → HTML-coding → programming → copywriting


The application Tell Red Graphic is a tool that enables Red Graphic clients to share their emotions on their project management quickly.
The application describes six different reactions: positive, neutral, and negative. The client is able to send any of these. A letter of reaction is sent to the email of Red Graphic’s project manager or top manager. Tanya Rogovskaya, Red Graphic Executive Director, comments: "As soon as the feedback is received, our manager contacts the client to say “thank you” if the reference is favorable or requests to clarify the issue if the reference is negative. In case of extreme reactions, either positive or negative, the process is controlled by Red Graphic Director. This application will help us to streamline our business processes. In addition, Tell Red Graphic allows for creating an emotional "map" of the project. When the project is completed we will know what project stages were performed brilliantly and which of them were not very successful. Thus, we will be able to work on their improvement."
The application is available for Android and iPhone users.

Creative Team

copywriting and idea by Nadia Zelenkova

designed by Zakhar Shlimakov

flash animation — Pavel Belinsky

Technical Director, programming by Evgeny Golubev

Project Manager — Tanya Rogovskaya