SV Maschinen GmbH group of companies (SV Maschinen trademark). Supply and maintenance of machinery and production equipment.


To develop a new logo and a corporate identity. To develop the company’s catalogue website.


To extend the company’s presence in the information environment.

To enhance the perception of the company as a reliable and competent supplier (partner) with a well-developed infrastructure and solid experience by customers (partners) interested in purchasing or supply of modern production or agricultural equipment.


Creation of a logo and a corporate identity. Development of the website’s text and design concept. Planning, design, HTML coding, programming; analytics configuration.


We have developed the company’s corporate identity and logo. The logo design is neat. It symbolizes the annual cycle of agricultural works and the circle of life and emphasizes SV Maschinen’s continued development and improvement. 
SV Maschinen’s corporate website is the company’s image-building and communication platform on the Web. It features the products manufactured by the company and the projects implemented by it. The keynote idea is: “You have come to the right place to competent people. We have been waiting for you and are ready to cooperate.”
Working at the catalog’s visual presentation, we chose to divide it into three major boxes (“Agricultural Machinery”, “Production Equipment”, “Maintenance and Spare Parts”). Each model from the catalogue is presented separately and has a text, photo and video description. Users can choose a model from the list in the relevant box or enter its name in the search box.
Guided by the customer’s marketing aims, we have decided that a price enquiry or a request for a call would be the primary conversion action at the website. Product pages’ design facilitates performing the target action as the enquiry form is located right under the model’s description. The call request form is a site-wide one.
The first home page window features a promo block that includes illustrations with links to the projects implemented by the company. Each case features a detailed description of the way the company tackles its tasks and the results it achieves. Each case ends with an offer to request a call.

Creative team

logo design by Sergey Zagusta

corporate identity development by Zakhar Shlimakov, Oleg Labunsky, Sergey Zagusta

planning by Sasha Smorodsky

website design by Zakhar Shlimakov, Ira Znosok, Oleg Labunsky, Sergey Zagusta

HTML coding by Vanya Pasechny

programming by Sasha Diesperov

analytics configuration by Sasha Yakovlev, Katya Nevinskaya

project manager Nastya Nazarova, Tanya Rogovskaya