Advertising Campaign For Vagilac


Jadran international pharmaceutical company. The company’s product portfolio in the CIS includes more than 20 items.


To present to Russian users Vagilac — the first oral probiotic agent to improve women’s intimate health; speak about its benefits by using online marketing instruments.


Development of a creative concept for the advertising campaign (analysis, design, artwork, HTML coding, programming).


As is known, women do not like discussing their intimate health. Based upon this insight, we developed a creative concept for the advertising campaign “Vagilac Fighting the Discomfort that You Feel Uncomfortable to Talk about”.
The concept is visualized in the promo-block of the website describing situations when Vagilac can help.


On the home page of the website, we designated separate bocks for the communication with various age groups of women. The blocks describe benefits and advantages of the medication for respective categories. When clicking on specific sections of the “Intimate Health” page, women received targeted information about ways to protect and restore the vaginal flora. To increase the return rate, we introduced the page “Consult a Gynecologist” to provide personal consultations.
We also created a promotional video to share with our users how the active substances of Vagilac restore the vaginal flora. The video was posted on the website and describes the main properties of the medication: its innovative nature, safety, convenience and effectiveness.

Feedback From The Customer

Jadran Galenski Laboratorij is satisfied with its collaboration with Red Graphic — with both how the agency understands the assignments and the creativity of solutions, as well as professional implementation. We are still working with Red Graphic to assign them new jobs and maintain the ongoing projects. (Nikolay Zhavoronkov, Deputy Head of the Representative Office for Marketing and Strategic Planning, Jadran Galenski Laboratorij).

Creative Team

Strategic Director — Sergey Fenenko (Novocortex)

Strategic Director, Creative Director — Nadya Zelenkova

design by Natasha Tikhonenko

Art Director — Ira Znosok

flash animation by Sergey Shkatulo

Technical Director — Zhenya Golubev

video editing by Vitalik Yanushevsky

Project Manager — Sasha Kleshchenok

Customer Manager — Marina Biryukova