Will You Get into the Top


Wargaming, one of the largest global publishers and developers in the free-to-play MMO market.

Сore Audience

Men aged 30-35, middle-income earners, IT workers.


To develop the creative concept and the promotional material for the advertising campaign.


To draw attention of the core audience to the HR campaign aimed at recruitment of employees to fill the position of a project manager; to make specifics of the position and requirements to candidates better known to receptive representatives of the audience; to collect contact details of potential employees.


Creative concept development, design, flash animation, coding, programming.


Men aged 30-35, IT workers are one of the most complicated audiences. This segment of users is highly experienced in digital communication, and therefore has professionally adjusted advertising filters. In general, these people pay no attention to marketing messages. We need ‘big guns’ to come in their sight. While we had only banners and a promo site at hand. And creativity.
We developed the ‘Will You Get into the Top?’ concept. Communication with the user started with a banner. The interactive banner helps assess professional skills by answering one of three questions ‘What load can your site take?’, ‘How many projects can you keep at once?’ and ‘How many releases per year can you make?’
To answer any question one should pass a test by dragging the scale slider to the desired position. Based on his answer the user goes to one of three promo site pages, where he makes the target action – reads the full text of the vacancy and, if he passed the test, leaves his contact details.
The HR campaign banners were placed on portals with the highest concentration of the target audience.

Creative Team

Сreative Director — Sasha Teplyakov

design by Oleg Labunsky

Art Director — Zakhar Shlimakov

сoding by Vanya Pasechny

flash animation byPasha Belinsky

Technical Director — Oleg Gubin

Client Manager — Ira Mendel