A competition at the Aqua Maris Institute has come to an end

Dedicated to all of you who love the sea and travelling. The “Best Job in Russia 2014” contest for those who love travelling and writing has concluded on the website of the Aqua Maris Institute.
To qualify for the contest, applicants needed to complete an online form on the website of the Institute, indicating why he or she wanted to participate in the contest, and give reason number one hundred million and one why they use Aqua Maris products. To qualify for the finals, they had to receive at least 100 likes.
On 2 June, the “Best Job in Russia 2014” panel of judges named the winner, who went on a tour of Croatia in June 2014. Dmitry Shubin of Vologda became the overall winner for his amazing video, Aqua Maris — a Superhero Fighting the Cold.