Digital strategy
Digital campaign
Digital branding
Web development

How to reach the audience?

We analyze: current digital activity / competitors and benchmarks / brand strengths, weaknesses and barriers to adopt / consumer profile and behavior.

Following the analysis, we develop your digital strategy, including channel mix, media and content strategy for each channel.

Together we set deliverables and suggest ways to achieve them. 

We continuously analyze and iterate the strategy based on performance metrics.

How to deliver the message to the audience?

There are plenty of ways to do that - contextual ads, a game for mobile phones, a viral video, an event to produce digital content, a community for product testing, a challenge project with social network influencers. And way more than that.

We analyze your task and answer a few questions… How do we talk to people? Where do we find them? What do we want them to do?

Then we suggest most effective instruments to deliver your particular message and reach your goals.

We also run the campaign, adjust its course and analyze the performance.

How to make the right impression?

The right digital branding tells a story for you, creates your image, attracts customers and makes your product stand out.

We can tell your story with a logo, naming, visual identity. We can create all possible templates and e-docs, design a report or a pitch deck. Set visual guidelines and define your brand imprint in the digital field.

How to present your brand online?

We provide custom solutions. We learn about your business and your clients as much as we can to come up with a website concept, tailored to your goals.

We go on with the structure and layouts, offer creative concepts to choose from, followed by design and programming. We can also create unique content for your website, based on the chosen creative concept.

Anything from a landing page to a solid web platform with integrations. You name it.

How to face social media?

To realize that these are long-term relationships to build and nurture. That’s why we start with creating strategies for social networks, including formats, tone of voice & guidelines to integrate brand values into communication.

We support brand pages on social networks, analyze interim results, and adjust our strategies. We also run advertising campaigns to hit the targets whenever necessary.

We also can help you to identify the most effective formats and platforms for social media marketing, whether it's a TikTok community or LinkedIn campaign.