Galleria Minsk Invites Tenants Via The Web

Galleria Minsk shopping center is located just a couple hundred meters from our Belarusian office. In fact, it’s not exactly “located”: the construction is to be finished in 2016. This fact made our work at the project even more exciting, as all the content we created for the website – floor plans with future brand shops, a huge supermarket, restaurants and a parking – was becoming real virtually in front of our eyes. was launched in May 2015. At the first stage (prior to the shopping center’s official opening) the resource was targeted at potential tenants. Special focus was placed on the description of the business environment, namely, to the advantages of doing business in Belarus and in Minsk, as well as the benefits of leasing retail areas in Galleria Minsk. The website also features the center’s floor plan and other information that would prove useful to future tenants.
After the shopping center is opened in 2016, the website will change its format to a full-scale online storefront with shop pages, special offers and an interactive floor plan.