A new website for Baykov and Ostapets business coaches

It is simply awesome when you get a kick out of your job, year after year. However, according to statistics, only 32% of specialists are still satisfied with what they do 12 months into their employment. Why is their enthusiasm all gone? There’s a more important question, though: how can they regain their enthusiasm?
Answers are provided by the business coaches, Vitaly Baykov and Elena Ostapets, who hold PhDs in psychology. Since 1998, this duo has boosted its customers’ efficiency and performance. They love what they do, and they believe that nothing is impossible — this is what makes them successful. And this is what helps hundreds of specialists trained by Baykov and Ostapets to succeed. Their customers include the international auto holding, Atlant-M; the mobile carrier, Velcom; the official importer and dealerships of Subaru in Russia; MTBank; and dozens of major organizations and businesses. They have organized hundreds of seminars and workshops, which appear to be quite effective, since customers keep "buying" them for their personnel again and again. “Practical training accounts for 70% of the seminars. We train doers; we help our customers look at the grown-up game called ‘business’ from a totally different perspective and find enjoyment in the most routine activities.”
Vitaly Baykov and Elena Ostapets offer more than 15 corporate and individual business seminars, as well as unique automotive business programs. More details about the available programs can be found on the corporate website of the business coaches. Made by Red Graphic.