Welcome to Folacin website

We have completed the promotional website for Folacin, which is on the WHO list of essential medications.
The Folacin website turned out to be light, rich in helpful info, and very compact. When working on the site, we had in mind the core audience of the brand — young women who are planning a pregnancy, as well as gynecologists.
The mission of the website is to speak about Folacin and why it is unique compared to so many other folic acid medications available in drugstores. We were supposed to convince the audience that Folacin by Jadran is the best option for expectant mothers.
To this end, we provided a detailed description of the benefits of folic acid in pregnancy, its role in fetal development, and the proper Folacin dosage. Moms-to-be received valuable and important information about the health of their future baby in an easy form.
Although Folacin has been developed to address very serious challenges, all the texts on the website are written in very simple language. Photos and tables also help raise awareness about the medication.