It’s time for wonders: we launched Alivaria’s promo website

The older we grow, the less we believe in miracles. Even New Year holidays are often thought of as a boring routine. How can we bring miracles back into the adult world? Together with our partner — Publicis Hepta Group — we managed to show that miracles can happen to all of us, whatever our age.
The country’s oldest brewery Alivaria created the taste of miracle — it brewed Christmas beer Alivaria Kaliadnae with an addition of spices and the spirit of Christmas. For our part, we built a home for this miracle by developing, in association with Publicis Hepta Group, the promotional website “Christmas carols in social networks”.
It is so easy now to visit your friends and sing carols together! Just upload your photo on the site, choose a mask and a carol (or sing your own melody). Done? Then your festive flash card is ready! Take it with you on any trip to social networks and collect Likes — special online gifts.