Start a new life with a new website for Kefirny brand

“That’s it. I’m starting a new life!” You’re sure to see such a resolution on Facebook — or VKontakte — one of these days. We have completed a promo site for Kefirny, a new product by Domik v Derevne.
We came up with an instrument for those who want to change their lives for the better. As it turns out, this is so simple: you just need to wish for it and … a  glass of Kefirny!
Sooner or later, every girl becomes self-consciousness about her body. A couple of extra kilos here, an extra inch on your waistline… But it is next to impossible to change your regimen and lifestyle overnight. It is easier with Kefirny, though. Don’t make too many promises to yourself (There is a reason why psychologists recommend introducing only one new rule per day!) Kefirny suggests you should focus on what really matters.
The program comprises 20 pieces of “Granny’s Advice” — not to eat after 6 p.m., smile more, get a kick out of what you do for a living, walk more… You should choose one that you think suits you the best, and your new rule of life becomes a “Manifesto.” You can save it on your PC to always have it on hand, or you can post it on your wall in one of the three social networks.