A new version of NIVEA MEN website

Dozens of helpful tips are available on the revamped NIVEA MEN (Russia) website, launched in July 2013. The new version of the site has a fresh face, tons of helpful content and convenient navigation, and its mobile users are the focus (the NIVEA MEN site has an adaptive version).
The NIVEA MEN resource features large illustrations, blocks and texts to provide essential information — and nothing unnecessary. The site effectively presents the brand’s products and their main advantages. The elaborate navigation allows the user to move to any section quickly, whatever he or she is trying to find.
The website provides an extensive “Care Tips” section — how to deal with a rash, how to look fresh after a sleepless night, how to make it to work on time if you only have 15 minutes before you leave… The site offers valuable recommendations helping men to take care of their skin. Simple yet useful advice from professional beauticians and stylists helps to draw additional attention to NIVEA MEN products.
Content translation and adaptation for Russian-language users of the website were provided by Red Graphic.