Redesign Of

A new job for Red Graphic — redesign and structural changes of, a professional online resource on marketing and advertising. The new website version has received a remarkable logo developed by Zakhar Shlimakov, Art Director at Red Graphic. Further, it received numerous remarkable icons.
“The website has more visual information than before. This is the global trend that Belarusian news resources began to assimilate. We are not an exception. Our site had not changed since its launch in 2007, so it was high time we modified something,” says Director Sergey Skorokhod.
We also revised the logic of delivering content. From now on, posts on will be available in five main sections. Users will be able to choose materials depending on the subject (more than 40 of them). The Business Training and Vacancies sections have been “promoted” to separate blocks. They are expected to become full-featured services, where users will find comprehensive information and solutions to address their challenges.