Redesigning the portal was relaunched with a new design on March 23. They say that the portal’s editorial staff have never been so scared before: what they had been working at for the last year and a half was taken away by us (Red Graphic Interactive Agency). Our aim was to make the website not only interesting but also attractive. So what was the result?
Now everything is different at the website: the publications layout, typography, visual design principles and the logic behind the way the materials are presented. However, the essence stays the same: Kyky still tell us about the life in Belarus “in the context of the Milky Way”.
The redesigned portal will continue creating content for those who act and take decisions. The website’s editors have obtained a toolkit for formatting the materials, as well as an opportunity to highlight the visual and logic key points at the home page, modeling it according to their choice and taste.
Zakhar Shlimakov, creative director of Red Graphic Interactive Agency, said, “I am satisfied with what we have created at the prototype level, but it is important to realize that the way the portal will look like will to a large extent depend on the efforts made by the editorial staff, on how quickly they will learn to use the tools and techniques that the developers provided to them”.
Visit to check its new design out for yourself.