The Rinomaris website launch

The Rinomaris medication website, launched in July 2013, was created for the sole purpose of presenting an all-new product in the Russian market for medications. Rinomaris is a new generation vasoconstrictor that contains natural sea water (Aqua Maris) and a vasoconstrictor agent.
Rinomaris is made by Jadran, an international pharmaceuticals company. The Red Graphic Interactive Agency provided engineering, design, content and testing services for the site.
The main sections of the website are dedicated to Rinomaris, its composition and action. The site provides a detailed description of the advantages of using Rinomaris to treat various illnesses. A separate section covers general issues concerning vasoconstrictors and the main differences between Rinomaris and the basic groups of medications used to treat the symptoms of a cold.
Information is presented in plain language that is easy to understand, as the core audience of the website includes patients who have been prescribed this medication and who are going to visit a drugstore, as well as users who are looking for a cold treatment. External links to articles with more detailed information for physicians are also available on the website.