Sprite Speaks About Street Culture

Becoming inspired, learning new things and discovering yourself are now easier than ever. Red Graphic has developed a website focusing on Belarus’s street culture.
The "Sprite Drive" website has been created for the Sprite brand by Coca-Cola (Belarus). This new site is another move on the way to implement the general strategy aimed at attracting a young and active audience to the brand and building its brand loyalty. Work on the project was completed in July 2013.
The Sprite site tells young people about street culture. The mission of the new online resource is designed to kindle an interest in the potential audience for street styles and involve new people in the tight-knit Belarusian army of extreme sports fans, street artists, dancers and musicians. The website posts materials about the best "street" projects and their creators.
This resource dedicated to the Belarusian underground culture will feature fresh interviews with representatives of various street styles, reviews of new trends in the world of street culture, and news about the "Sprite Drive" movement.