Tell Red Graphic application has appeared in Google Play

It is now easier to become a Red Graphic customer. We have launched the Tell Red Graphic. On 1 October, Red Graphic celebrates its twenty-first anniversary and is releasing a mobile app as a gift to its customers, enabling them to share their emotions about the project or to tell us about any problems with the project that they might encounter. The app describes six various reactions, which are positive, neutral or negative. The user can send any one of these. A project manager and the top managers of the agency receive feedback notices in their email boxes. “As soon as we receive feedback, the manager immediately contacts the customers, thanking them for positive feedback, or asks clarifying questions if the feedback is negative. In the event of extreme feedback — whether positive or negative — the process is controlled by the RG CEO,” says Red Graphic Executive Director Tanya Rogovskaya. “This app will help us to streamline the work process.”
Tell Red Graphic will enable us to make an emotional "map" of the project. As soon as the project is completed, we will know which project phases have been performed brilliantly, and which turned out to be flawed, so that we have an opportunity to improve them.”
If you are a Red Graphic customer, please download the app from Google Play.
Tell Red Graphic will soon be made available to iPhone users.