A new social program from NIVEA has started

The winter season is upon us, but you can’t think of a place to put on your skates? NIVEA gives a “NEW LIFE” chance to every rink in every neighborhood of the country!
For more than a century, NIVEA has successfully carried out its mission — to help people around the globe to take care of their loved ones. In November, NIVEA launched a new social program entitled “Vote for Your Rink!” The program will help address the challenge that dozens of cities have encountered — their rinks have been abandoned and cannot be used during the winter.
Log onto the site, invite as many people to vote as you can, and the rink in your neighborhood will be named the winner and will become your favorite place to go during the next winter season! To take part in the program, take a picture of your favorite rink, upload it to the website, and tell us why it needs to be restored.
After you are registered in the promo section, your application goes through moderation and then becomes available for user voting. You can vote by sending emails, and on three social networks — VKontakte, Facebook and Odnoklassniki. The three rinks with the most votes will be named the winners.