Belarusian lifestyle magazine

Customer online magazine.


To develop the portal’s new visual image. To offer new tools and content presentation techniques.


To facilitate the visual perception of content, to increase the traffic as a result of attracting social network users and to increase the visit depth.


We offered a flexible publications layout as part of the updated home page design concept. The area occupied by an article at the website is now in line with its significance for the user. The magazine’s sections were changed, and a major drop down section menu has appeared at the top of the page. Additional visual presentation tools such as a set of graphic styles were developed to improve the content readability.
We have extended the range of presentation tools available to the magazine’s editorial staff, having provided them with various templates and formats for delivering information. We have also extended the articles’ life cycle due to cross links at internal pages and at the home page.
We chose GT Walsheim font for the website as its simple, “handwritten” style helps to emphasize the uniqueness of the portal’s materials and serves as the base for Kyky’s visual identity developed by us.
The updated resource was launched on March 23, 2015.

Results (June 2014 and 2015)


increase in the number page views


increase in social network traffic


decrease in the home page bounce rate

Creative team

planning by Arkadiy Kaufman

design concept by Zakhar Shlimakov

design by Zakhar Shlimakov, Nadya Makeeva, Oleg Labunsky

art director Zakhar Shlimakov

project manager Nadya Zelenkova

project manager Darya Matyavina (