A viral campaign for Aqua Maris


Jadran international pharmaceutical company. The company’s product portfolio in the CIS includes more than 20 items.


To speak about the high quality of the Aqua Maris Nasal Lavage (justify its higher pricing compared to similar products), build trust in the brand.


concept and contest script development → contest and media campaign planning and support → development of the online platform and reputational management → banners and video trailers → video shoots of the finals in Moscow and reports from Croatia → development of graphic products


“Sea water has long been used in medicine to treat and prevent various illnesses. Specialists at Aqua Maris, a research institute located in Croatia, professionally study the composition and medical properties of sea water. You can become an Aqua Maris consultant now. All you need to do is participate in a creative contest and become its winner by presenting the most exciting story about the institute on social networks.” This is the idea that the customer originally developed for the project.
We refined the idea for the activities proposed by Jadran specialists. To popularize Aqua Maris and build trust in the brand, we launched the contest “Best Job in Russia” with a $10,000 prize pool.

Contest Phases

The contest was held in three phases.
During the first phase, participants were invited to post their essays on “Why you need to choose me as your Aqua Maris consultant” on the website and get their friends to vote for them. Fifty users with the most votes were invited to take a telephone interview, and ten shortlisted candidates entered the top-10 to move into the next phase.
During the second phase, the participants were to create a motivational video “Why you need to choose me as your Aqua Maris consultant” and post it on the brand’s YouTube channel. The three participants with the most views were invited to Moscow for the video shoot of the final phase of the event.
The third phase of the contest envisaged two assignments. The first one was a smell test and a quiz to test the participants’ knowledge of the Aqua Maris products. During the second assignment, the participants were to show their communicative skills and competence and persuade four people to rinse their noses using an Aqua Maris device. The one who scored the most points during the third phase was awarded a $10,000 check and given a chance to work as a consultant for the Aqua Maris Institute in Croatia.



participated in the contest

4,000 VOTES

were given to the winner

100,000 YouTube VIEWS

of the videos by the participants

Creative Team

creative idea by Jadran

refined by Nadya Zelenkova, Sergey Fenenko (Novocortex)

videos and video presentations by Street-Beat production studio

Customer Manager — Marina Biryukova

Project Manager — Nadya Lyudchik

Brand Manager — Olga Gromyko (Jadran)

Brand Director — Nikolay Zhavoronkov (Jadran)