Rodniki Rossii by Wimm-Bill-Dann


Wimm-Bill-Dann Beverages OJSC, Rodniki Rossii (natural table mineral water).


To create a platform for brands campaign support and communication with the core audience.


To present the core value of Rodniki Rossii— environmental protection and safety. To emphasize the educational and social nature of the brand.


website development → online support of «Let’s Help Nature Together» campaign activities → development of the «Tree and Me» and «Volunteers» interactive services to maintain users’ interest in the campaign and let them share their environmentalist status with friends


We developed a concept for the Rodniki Rossii website. The project centers not only upon the brand and its products, but also upon Russian nature, thus encouraging the audience to share social responsibility for the preservation and augmentation of the natural riches of their country. The site content is divided into several thematic units: brand and product information; Russian nature — its forest and water resources; and social activities of the brand aimed at restoring forests and ensuring environmental protection.
The special focus of the site is its map of forests and forest plantations, as well as Rodniki Rossii water deposits. Naturally, there is interactive functionality. Entertaining and educational services and games involve the audience in long-term communications with the brand.


The first phase of the «Let’s Help Nature Together» campaign was held as part of the Program for the Restoration of Russian Forests for 4 months. Anyone who bought at least one bottle of Rodniki Rossii water during that period automatically became a participant. A fixed portion of sales revenue was transferred to the program for the restoration of forests in the Russian Federation. Participants received virtual online gifts — a collection of Rodniki Rossii wallpaper, an original screensaver, or a Tree widget. Those who bought 10 or more liters of water gained access to the «Tree and Me» service, meaning that they planted one tree.


Each participant in «Help Nature Together» was able to settle on the virtual tree that we «planted» on our website.
To take good care of the tree, 10-liters worth of Rodnii Rossii water codes needed to be registered on the site. Participants uploaded their photos and chose characters. When they registered new codes, users received honorary titles and hats, and moved upward on the title tree from «young naturalist» to «forest king», depending upon the number of planted trees.
The most active users entered the top 10.


The second phase of the «Let’s Help Nature Together» campaign was held for 4 months. More than 2,300 volunteers were involved from seven Russian regions. Together they planted 50,000 trees in their neighborhoods, parks, and suburban forests.
The campaign featured the competition «Create Your Own Forest». Users were invited to apply for the landscaping of their neighborhoods, as well as for planting trees. Volunteers were encouraged to add their photos to the interactive gallery and share their volunteer statuses with friends in social networks.
Furthermore, users of social networks were invited to vote for the neighborhoods added by other users and rate them. Based upon the number of votes by users and members of the panel of judges, five neighborhoods were selected, in which the Rodniki Rossii team planted trees.

Creative Team

concept development by Gosha Zagaynov

design by Natasha Tikhonenko, Vitalik Yanushevsky, Ira Znosok, Yura Shust

Art Director — Ira Znosok

HTML coding by Igor Morozov

flash animation by Sergey Shkatulo, Vitalik Yanushevsky

Technical Director — Zhenya Golubev

Content Managers — Tanya Nareyko, Sasha Pozhitok

Customer Manager — Lera Kukharenko

Project Manager — Nadya Lyudchik