DAB-Embedded — an R&D company


DAB-Embedded, an R&D company, electronics and software developer.

Core audience

Owners of business, venture capital funds and startups, technical specialists (engineers or project managers that select contractors for their projects).


To develop corporate identity and logo, present DAB-Embedded products on the Internet, emphasize the company’s unique expertise.

To show the company’s approach to its work — DAB-Embedded provides an effective solution to deal with any challenge, even the toughest one, it delivers excellence and does so with ease.


corporate identity → logo → design concept of the website → prototyping → design → HTML coding → programming


DAB-Embedded offers a complete cycle of development and manufacturing of electronic products and often comes across a major mental barrier of its customers who claim: “integrated electronic solutions are extremely sophisticated.” We had to develop a website to help any customer overcome this barrier.
First of all, we developed the visual identity for the future project and a logo for DAB-Embedded. We made use of an austere font with clear contours and a conventional sign for indicating a direction. The logo creates an impression of progress and layers, and emphasizes the multi-layer multi-task solutions offered by DAB-Embedded. It also suggests that DAB-Embedded ideas are simple and clear.
We also developed the company’s own website. The project will catch the eye of the core audience of DAB-Embedded — owners of business, venture capital funds and startups, and technical specialists. The project has a simple and clear design and convenient navigation. The site draws attention to the brand and tells the audience about the company and its services.
Because the website communicates with two target audiences, we thought of having two sections to describe the technical potential of DAB-Embedded. The Services section is meant for technical specialists whose responsibilities include, among others, the search for contractors and control of the implementation of technical processes. These texts are laconic and concise.
The Cases section targets business owners. It comprises detailed descriptions of projects implemented by DAB-Embedded. All of the texts are presented as business cases. This format enables the company to provide detailed descriptions of the tasks set by the customer, the way the company addressed those tasks, and the ultimate result.
When working on the design for the website we emphasized the unique expertise of the DAB-Embedded staff. We added the Skills tab to the navigation bar to show how its competencies and advantages help DAB-Embedded stand out.

Creative Team

planning by Sasha Smorodsky

concept, logo, design development by Ira Znosok

illustrations by Nadya Makeyeva

text concept by Olya Myslivchik

Creative Director — Zakhar Shlimakov

makeup by Vanya Pasechny

programming by Sasha Diesperov

Technical Director — Sasha Yakovlev

Project Manager — Nastya Nazarova, Tanya Nareyko