A service for Puplicis Hepta Belarus Advertising Agency


Puplicis Hepta Belarus, the agency representing international networks Publicis, Publicis Dialog and Zenith Optimedia in Belarus.


To attract journalists and users to the agency.


design → HTML-coding → programming


It all started with a mitten and the idea that it would be nice to lose one. The idea was born in the head of the tireless copywriter at Publicis Hepta Belarus Nikolay Krivets. Users were originally invited to post their Lost Mitten notices on the site and receive a new pair from Hepta. The idea later evolved in the Lonely Mitten Service. Any user who lost or found a mitten could post a relevant notice on the website. And the service guaranteed that he or she would feel happy ever after and eventually find his or her mitten! Incidentally, the first one to place a lost mitten notice was a Minsk resident named Kirill, who lost his red mitt. The first mitten that was safely returned to the owner was a crazy mitt lost near U-Bar.
It only took four days for us to design, make up, program, test and launch the Lonely Mitten Service.



visited the Lonely Mitten Service during the first month


Google and Yandex search results for the “found a mitten” queries in Belarus

Creative Team

idea by Nikolay Krivets (Publicis Hepta Belarus)

design by Zakhar Shlimakov

illustrations by Nadya Makeyeva

Art Director — Ira Znosok

HTML coding by Tanya Leonchenko, Igor Morozov

programming by Dima Budnitsky

Technical Director — Zhenya Golubev

Project Manager — Nadya Zelenkova