Client, a specialized Internet resource on marketing, advertising and branding in Belarus.

Core audience

Marketing, advertising and PR specialists, mass media representatives, directors of companies, business consultants.


To develop corporate identity, update the website design; reorganize the website management system; transfer properly the existing information to a new site.


logo and corporate identity → website concept → prototyping → design → HTML coding → programming

About The Project

We developed the website in 2006. News, cases, interviews, current vacancies – editorial staff of always knows what is interesting for marketing specialists of the country. From the day of its launch the project has been the best specialized Belarusian site read by specialists and referred to by other mass media. However, as the years went by the software core and the website management system became outdated and needed the full upgrade. The resource design became outdated as well. So, our objective was to modernize the website, make it more convenient and attractive. Our solution was as follows.


The work was split into several stages.
Firstly, we analytically audited the resource: we analyzed the paths users took throughout the website, their interaction with the content. The most and the least popular blocks and pages, pages that were most frequently left by users and pages with the highest bounce rate were determined. The audit helped us reveal the core problems of the website. Planning objectives were based on the resolution of those problems.
While planning the home page template special attention was paid to the content and ease of interaction with it. The upgraded version has a simpler structure. The publications accumulated over seven years of work were distributed among five main sections: Market News, Analytics, Cases, Opinions, Events. At the same time we left the possibility to filter the materials by themes (the new website version has more than 40 themes). The new Business Training and Vacancies sections – which the customer is planning to turn into full-featured services in future – were separated.
To involve users in communication we eliminated the mandatory registration on the website and replaced it with an external comment system. Now visitors can discuss materials after logging in to the website through one of social networks. It's very easy!
To attract additional traffic to the website we added the Share buttons to all the materials (and succeeded in attracting new users from social networks – please see the results below).
At the same time we changed the website management system. The new Marketing was transferred to CMS 1С-Bitrix. The customer got the opportunity to manage the content in a more comprehensive way: to use various templates while creating materials, add new sections to the website on his own. A block structure allows to highlight and change semantic and visual accents on a page at any time. The template is based on a changeable grid: once a new publication is added all the blogs are rearranged.
And finally we redeveloped the corporate identity and logo of the website. The guideline on the use of icons and illustrations on the website was prepared as well.


We compared the data and found out that the website redesign resulted in the increase of sessions by 24.33%, the increase of the quantity of new sessions by 15.04%, the increase of sessions from social networks by 83.54%. The number of users increased by 35.68. Moreover, the user behavior on the website has changed. The number of viewed pages increased by 26.58%. The number of pages per session increased by 1.82%, the bounce rate decreased by 17.94%.

Creative Team

corporate identity development, logo design by Zakhar Shlimakov

website design by Zakhar Shlimakov, Oleg Labunsky

planning, prototyping by Sasha Smorodsky

HTML coding by Sasha Shinkevich

programming by Dima Budnitsky, Sasha Diesperov

Technical Director — Sasha Yakovlev

Project Manager — Nastya Nazarova