ADANI SYSTEMS: From Ideas To Solutions


ADANI scientific and production private unitary enterprise develops and manufactures complex medical equipment, security systems, non-destructing testing equipment and analytical instruments.


To develop a corporate website for the company. To provide information about its mission, structure, competencies and products. To ensure efficient communication with the company’s representatives.

Target audience

Security specialists, as well as professionals dealing with medical equipment and analytical instruments. Laboratory staff of production enterprises. Dealers and distributors of the said equipment.


We have developed a website with a complex architecture enabling us to categorize and highlight information for different target audience groups. The most important company details, its mission, advantages as well as ADANI’s contacts are available at the primary domain and are part of the main menu. The description of specific company’s solutions and products in the sphere of medicine, security and analytics can be found in themed sections located at subdomains like The list of sections drops down at clicking the Menu button. Original illustrations convey the essence of the company’s core activities.
Themed subsections’ design and structure are consistent with the overall website’s concept. Each product page has links to the Contacts page so that it would be convenient for the customers to contact the company’s representatives.



”Go to Contacts page” target conversion rate


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average visit depth

Creative team

planning by Sasha Yakovlev

design concept development by Nadya Makeeva

design by Nadya Makeeva and Zakhar Shlimakov

illustrations by Oleg Labunsky

HTML coding by Vanya Pasechny

programming by Dima Strapko

project managers Nastya Nazarova and Tanya Rogovskaya