Baykov and Ostapets business coaches


Business coaches Vitaly Baykov and Elena Ostapets.

Core audience

Top managers, chief executives, HR specialists, automotive business owners.


To develop an online platform to build the image of the business coaches and increase awareness of their products To present the corporate programs developed by the «duo» and speak about the specific features of the training products by Baykov and Ostapets. To provide a convenient communications tool for potential customers to reach out to the business coaches, receive consultations, and order their programs.

logo → corporate identity → design concept of the website → website design → HTML coding → programming → copywriting
development of a style for presenting materials during training sessions → selection of presentation and handout models


Vitaly Baykov and Elena Ostapets offer more than 15 corporate and individual business seminars, as well as unique automotive business programs. The two trainers have been involved in the coaching business since 1998.
We developed a website and posted detailed descriptions of training sessions and specific features of the workshops by Baykov and Ostapets, with site-wide contact information for the coaches. The website is adapted to mobile devices and preserves the logic of interaction between the user and the content. We also developed the project’s logo and identity.


The identity of the project corresponds to the fundamental ideas of the business coaches: “business with a human face”, and “training as an exciting and fascinating process.”
For the logo, we used a Gothic script and images of a book and a lotus, which stand for knowledge (“logos and lotus”). The austere and clear design, and its narrow and virtually black-and-white color palette, helps users to focus upon what really matters —texts with detailed descriptions of the services offered by the business coaches.


We structured the information about all of the workshops that we received from the customers and divided it into three blocks: “Main Programs”, “Special and Individual Programs”, and “Automotive Business Programs”. We used a single pattern to describe all of the programs on the website: how long they take, their objectives, and the anticipated results for the trainee. This uniformity will help users choose the best program to address their business challenges. Furthermore, this scheme saves time. The necessary information that is sufficient for decision making is presented in a block of up to 400 characters. Full descriptions are available when a user clicks on the selected program.
In addition, we prepared a few reviews focusing upon the specific training methods developed by Vitaly Baykov and Elena Ostapets. These materials further encourage users to order workshops from the professional coaches.
“Successful adults often fail to understand how they can expand their horizons on both the mental and behavioral levels when they stay in their offices all the time. We teach our customers how they can do it. We teach them to not only set new goals, but also how to achieve them. We train doers.”

Creative Team

проект-менеджер Настя Назарова

design concept by Ilya Dovnar

logo by Ilya Dovnar

design by Oleg Labunsky, Ilya Dovnar

HTML coding and programming by Vanya Pasechny, Sasha Shinkevich

copywriting by Katya Nevinskaya

Project Manager — Nastya Nazarova