Darya is the hero of Belarus and a three-time Olympic champion in biathlon. We are proud to have cooperated on a project with her.


Power has many expressions: exactingness, persistence, confidence, and briefness. We were in the presence of a very powerful customer. Darya formulated the task, told us about her ideas, confirmed offered solutions, and was consistent in every comment.


concept → development → design → adaptive layout → programming → testing → support


To those who visit the site just for a second, we offer a brief description of Darya’s sports achievements, news, contacts, and photos. It is important for us that the visitors learn about Darya’s victories and projects. We also invite them to subscribe to Darya’s official channels — that is why her posts from Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter are automatically displayed on the website.
4 sections of the site are called «Biathlon», «Life», «Projects» and «Partners» They tell about Darya’s career and views, «The Chase of Legends » and «City Biathlon projects», and about  her sponsors.
Darya’s fans will be able to observe her 13 seasons long sports career. In the Hall of Fame, they will learn the results of each chase, view the prizes and photos from competitions.
«My website is a kind of a visiting card. It is a possibility to tell about myself and my career in sports, to reveal other sides of my life, and to present the projects I am working on now or plan to develop in the future.
www.daryadomracheva.com is a gift to my fans! That is why I tried to find as many bright photos as possible. These are pictures from my life and, most importantly, shots from every chase I won a medal at. I hope there will be more of them.
I would like to give my special thanks to Nikita Domrachev for careful organization of the whole process, Marta Skavinskaya for the content, Yulia Taribo for translation, Lyudmila Syman, Denis Kostyuchenko,Nordicfocus.com for photos, and Red Graphic for the development and adaptation of all ideas», says Darya Domracheva.


The official website of Darya Domracheva was opened in March 2016. Six months later, in December, Darya’s online store started working — http://shop.daryadomracheva.by/.




project management, customer’s team Nikita Domrachev

copyrighting, customer’s team Marta Skavinkaya

design concept Zakhar Shlimakov

design Ira Znosok, Katya Olipa, Zakhar Shlimakov

development Zakhar Shlimakov

layout Vanya Pasechny

programming Dima Strapko

technical director Sasha Yakovlev

customer management Nadya Zelenkova, Tanya Nareyko