Coffee With Me


Red Graphic Digital Agency.


To wish our customers and friends a very happy New Year.


To draw new target users to the agency’s website, showcase the technical and creative level of the in-house solution.


We all love a coffee once in a while, and we invite our friends to meet us for a coffee. We get to know our customers and meet our colleagues and lovers over a hot cup of coffee. Our best friends are the people with whom we don’t really have to talk — sharing a moment of silence in a coffee house is more than enough. Coffee is a sort of modern urban zen.
The Coffee With Me project is a set of videos. People on screen are having coffee — you know some, you have heard about some, and some you see for the first time. Each has a link with his or her profile in a social network or a website if you wish to know more about the person.


It started with ZAVTRAk breakfasts that we organized in our office throughout the year. Breakfast and tea — this is where New Year gifts started. We decided to give cups to our customers, partners, and friends. Together with the cups, we invited them for an online coffee on the Coffee With Me website. «The idea of the project is communication. You may not know all of the participants, but you can have a coffee with them nonetheless. Coffee With Me envisions unlimited communication» says Project Producer Zakhar Shlimakov.
You are welcome to join the Coffee With Me project. Upload your own video on the site and brew your own coffee!


This website has attracted new users who had never known that we existed, and many of them will become our friends, partners, and customers. We were repeatedly mentioned in the media and in blogs and saw our site traffic boost.
As for the Coffee With Me project itself, we can give you the stats: bounce rate — 30.5%, average time on the site — 4 minutes 13 seconds, a user opens 11.26 pages per visit, and 5.9% of users go to our website.

Creative Team

idea by Nadya Zelenkova, Zakhar Shlimakov

produced and designed by Zakhar Shlimakov

videos by Dasha Buben

postproduction by Zakhar Shlimakov, Dasha Buben, Rodion Kovenkin

makeup by Vanya Pasechny

programming by Dima Strapko

Project Manager — Katya Nevinskaya