Nivea experts club


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Development of a platform for product testing ー NIVEA experts club in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.


Prototyping → Design → Text → Programming → HTML-coding → Testing → Project support → Tech support


What is the NIVEA experts club? It’s a community where people get NIVEA products for free testing and leave their reviews on social networks and marketplaces.

We’ve launched 2 websites ー in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.


Task 1: big data processing

We needed to create a platform that could handle a large amount of information, be able to process it quickly, and protect users' personal data. We also had a three-point checklist: a clear interface for users and moderators, customization options, and complex filters.

What’s the flow? The user registers on the website and fills out a questionnaire where they indicate their age and their beauty habits. The platform selects the perfect match from NIVEA products. After the moderation of the questionnaire the expert can participate in testing.

Task 2: moderation and personal accounts

Which experts are needed: women or men? Is the audience old or young? Those who usually use spray or roll-on deodorant? Do they like the smell of mango or rose?

Moderators easily change and set the desired parameters to answer these questions. Track and filter reviews, estimate how many experts signed up and left a review.

Each NIVEA expert has access to a personal account where you can see the start of testing, change personal data, and view the history of your reviews.

And now something technically difficult but very important. We were able to ensure full compatibility of the NIVEA Experts Club platform with Beiersdorf's global CRM systems.

Task 3: It turned out great! And how to make it even better?

We continue to support and develop the Experts Club platform. We added an automatic feedback system. That's how the user understands the reasons for the rejection of the questionnaire or review and learns how to solve the problem.

Now moderators of the Ukrainian version of the platform can easily find bloggers among all those who filled out the questionnaire and sort them by subscribers and brand loyalty.


The project has started in January 2021. Within a year more than 10 000 users in the Ukraine and over 9 000 in Kazakhstan became NIVEA experts.

Users love the project: experts return to new tests, and beginners continue to register in the Experts Club.

Red Graphic has been working with Beiersdorf since 2006. During this time we have worked with NIVEA in 6 countries: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia.


Technical Director:
Oleg Matveenko

Technical Director:
Alex Pogan’ko

Account Director:
Lena Semenova

Art Director:
Ira Znosok

Creative Director:
Eugene Andreichuk

Nastya Avdeenko

Account Manager:
Dasha Zholobova

Project manager:
Katya Kovaliova