РА Instinct Agency for IKEA, a company owning one of the largest furniture and home accessories trade networks in the world.


To develop a promo website within the framework of the Wake Up Miracle communication campaign.


design → HTML coding → animation → programming → content → testing

About the project

In August 2014 Instinct Advertising Agency developed the Wake Up Love communication campaign dedicated to the publication of IKEA’s new catalogue. How to wake up love to your home and in your home? How to create an atmosphere at home that would help people show their feelings to each other? The campaign lasted for as long as one year and included not only TV ads and creative activities, but also various digital projects. We helped implement one of them.


In cooperation with Instinct Agency we created a Wake Up Miracle promo website helping users choose Christmas gifts. It’s real magic! You just have to close your eyes, trust your feelings and type any combination of letters using the keyboard. In a moment IKEA will propose a gift option. This story has a touch of surprise, emotion and, of course, fun. And it’s quite natural, as one cannot but laugh at tricky names of IKEA products: Brunkrissla, Nojsig, Bolltistel. Erm… Have you ever been told you’ve got magic hands?
In implementing this project we were responsible for website design, HTML coding, programming and – timescale. We had to strictly adhere to the brand book and meet a hard deadline, as it was important to launch the website by Christmas. We showed coziness and magic of IKEA’s bedrooms (we had to make dozens of corrections to improve the result): we tried several design options, worked at fonts, prepared an adaptive version. And so in as little as two weeks we made a miracle – created the design, HTML code and animation for the Wake Up Miracle website. The project was launched on December 24, 2014 and started actively helping people choose the best and most wonderful gifts.

Creative team

creative idea РА Instinct

design by Oleg Labunsky, Nadya Makeeva, Ira Znosok

creative director Zakhar Shlimakov

HTML coding by Sasha Shinkevich

programming by Zhenya Golubev

technical director Sasha Yakovlev

project manager Tanya Nareyko

project manager Zhenya Grin