MTBank offers a new product. We need to think about what it will be called, what it will look like and how it will be «born».


Name. Concept. DNA: design and words. Product launch. Promotion and information materials: digital, video, printing. Product presentation for 300 people.


concept → design → adaptive layout → visuals: photo, images → texts in Belarusian and Russian → programming → layout → testing

MTBank has created an innovative product the likes of which Belarus has never seen before. A plastic card and a mobile app where one can add their other cards too.

You can pay with one card (or make contactless payments with Android), and different cards will be charged.

Order new cards, extend the life of the old ones, and track your payments in the app — all in one smart multicard.

Description and Name

In a 2-week creative session, a shortlist of 3 names was developed for the card. X Card was the winner. The object is made of cast high-carbon black kryptonite. It is imbued with the power of digital banking. The epic tales of superheroes is the style. The other two names were buried in a titan container. They lie waiting for their time to come.


X Card is two intersecting beams. They have the power to bring all the bank cards together: Halva, Halva +, PayOkay, Autocard. X is born where these four touch.

Hence the logo, icons, card design, and other images. The superpower of the X Card is seen in the vocabulary: «card with superpowers», «all cards in one».
Day X

A dark Hilton Ball Room, two hundred guests. Journalists, dear clients, and bankers. 8.5×3 m display. Kryptonite objects appear from the darkness forming the infographics. A one-minute video tells what is going on in the digital banking: globally, in Belarus, and in MTBank.

Igor Bychek, Deputy Chairman of the Board at MTBank, speaks about how the idea of the X Card came to be and what its purpose is. Tatyana Rukan, Deputy Head of Digital Business, shows the X Card. The mobile screen is fully displayed on the big screen. 20:12 — the first purchase using the X Card directly from the phone. At this moment,, the X Card website, is launched. 121 people will order a card there during the evening. 60 more cards will be ordered by the guests.

The X Men Bring in the Champagne

The event was organised on a tight schedule: just a month between the brief and the champagne. It was destined for success thanks to the superpowers the MTBank employees possess and to the kryptonite in the blood of the RG team.

X Files

Оn youtube — A mystic video about the X Card.
A week of gif explanations on how to properly use the X Card. And a lively discussion in the social networks.

In the media — News and coverage.
Booklets and posters - in the banking offices.
Boards in the city.
As well as: captions, instructions, scenarios, announcements, letters, releases.

The whole campaign: from the search for the right name through the butterfly from Zabolotny at the necks of the promostaff, and design insights to the very end of the postrelease.
2,000 X Cards were ordered in MTBank during the first release week.


Deputy Chairman of the Board, MTBank
Igor Bychek

Head of Marketing, MTBank
Ekaterina Varenikova

Deputy Head of Digital Business, MTBank
Tatyana Rukan

Head of Internet Marketing, MTBank
Elena Kushner

Top Specialist, Marketing Department, MTBank
Ekaterina Radyuk

Top Specialist, Marketing Department, MTBank
Anastasiya Alkhimovich

Content Marketing Specialist, MTBank
Ekaterina Zinovskaya

PR Specialist, MTBank
Anna Deych

Director, Red Graphic
Nadya Zelenkova

Director for Customer Service, Red Graphic
Tanya Nareiko

Art Director, Red Graphic
Zakhar Shlimakov

Creative Director, Red Graphic
Denis Klevitsky

Sergey Gridyushko

Technical Director, Red Graphic
Aleksey Rusetsky

Eugene Bubnovich

Video Production
WOL Creative Studio