Tania Vorozhun,
Red Graphic CFO. The owner of an art studio in the center of Tallinn.


Create authentic identity for a new studio


logo → brand identity → social networks identity → window design


It all started with Tania Vorozhun, our CFO, moving to Tallinn and discovering a sudden passion for ceramics.

Tallinn is known for local artists, coffee-drinking and gift-shopping. Tourists are always in search of good souvenirs. Clay is local oil, gold and drug. Tania’s hopes are high.

Reality is different. Local shops are numerous: gift shops, stores, studios — but nothing Tania is looking for.

Her studio is not about cold-headed trade, it’s about heartfelt talks and coffee-drinking on a Tallinn spin. It is about enjoying the moment of the clay therapy, if you decide to spin the potter’s wheel and create your own something everlasting.

Naming, logo and identics

Decoding: NUUNUU in Estonian means nice, cute, RUUM is a homograph of room. Nice room, so to speak, that contains all pleasant things — coffee, ceramics and expressive futuristic paintings created by Tania herself.

While Tania roasts her first mug in the new oven, our art director Ira cooks the first logo variants and website mockups. And more — shop window design, postcards, certificates, social network templates.

Soulless plastic holders away, long live unique ceramic holders for price tags!

When in Tallinn, come over for a cup of coffee. Subscribe on Instagram to remember.


Art Director:
Ira Znosok

Creative Director:
Eugene Andreichuk