Adaptive Website for SaM Solutions


SaM Solutions – an IT outsourcing company that provides offshore software development services and serves customers around the world.


To create a website that would reflect the current sophistication level of the dynamically developing company.


To visualize the company’s services and core competencies and to increase the number of customer contacts through the website.


logo redesign → prototyping → responsive design → responsive HTML coding


The web resource is designed in line with the latest trends. The website features a concise and minimalist design, a lot of free space, and a focus on typography and pure colors. An easy-to-understand hierarchy of styles and graphic accents is built using the shades of blue and gray and monochromatic photographs.
While developing the website structure, we managed to optimize the extensive content of the resource. We highlighted certain logic blocks, namely theoretical (structure, key facts, and strategy) and practical (clients, case studies, and references).
The website adapts to a device used by a visitor while maintaining the common logic and functionality. As a result, a user gets the best possible experience of interacting with the website content.

Creative Team

analysis and planning by Sasha Smorodsky

crearive idea — Ilya Dovnar, Zakhar Shlimakov

graphic conception — Ilya Dovnar

design by Zakhar Shlimakov, Ilya Dovnar, Oleg Labunsky, Nadya Makeyeva

Art Director — Zakhar Shlimakov

Creative Director — Sasha Teplyakov

Technical Director — Oleg Gubin

Project Manager — Nastya Nazarova